Jeffry Landman
I worked as a Lawn Care Consultant for Lawn Care and Landscaping Company. My job is to help them establish a presence on the internet and a big impact to their target markets that will help them grow their business.I have helped several businesses already and they are continuing on growing. As I travel in Missouri areas and surrounding towns I have gain further knowledge about landscaping methods and effective lawn care strategies. I have applied it to several lawn care business and prove that they are very effective.

So at this point I decided to build this blog in the purpose of creating a reliable information for home owners who wanted to take care of their own lawn. I’ll be adding several great articles stating my past experience and the newly proved techniques I happen to discover. This way, people will now have rough ideas on how do they design their lawn in accordance with their needs and cost. That is probably the most question that comes into the mind of every home owners. Perhaps they wonder how they can manage their lawn to make it beautiful without the help of others.

It is indeed very helpful to hire lawn care expert and landscaping professional to do your lawn design. But it is as well very satisfying if you do your lawn yourself. This blog will give you insights and guide on how you can actually do it properly. It will soon have a full bunch of landscape and lawn care articles of different types. For now you can browse on our blog and help yourself find the most appropriate article to go along with your needs. We will update more and more as we go on.